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AfterSchool Club

Children in the Garden

AfterSchool Club at Stortford KidsOut is a fun place to be. It operates during term time for the children of our host schools only. The sessions run from 3pm until 6.30pm. A light snack is provided, we cater for special dietary requirements - this snack is not intended as a replacement for a meal - when children finish school, they are usually hungry and this snack is designed to offer a healthy 'stop-gap' option.

The Activities

Once again, we support children in their play, their choices and encourage self development, self awareness, self esteem, confidence - all the necessary blocks for supporting social and emotional development, a critical aspect for solidly building the skills required for intellectual development. The activities available suit the choices of the children, the resources provided encouraging physical skills, language & communication, personal and social skills. Please view our Gallery of activities offered

The Cost

We offer a variable pricing structure depending on the age of your child. Fees start from £11.03 (Birchanger) £11.38 (Summercroft) per session. We accept all child care vouchers in addition to payments via faster payments, BACS or cash. We no longer accept cheques.

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