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Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club at Stortford KidsOut is a great start to your child's day and it is a 'cool' place to be. It operates during term time. The session runs from 7.30am until 9am. Breakfast is provided from 7.45am onwards. The activities available are quieter than the After School club.


In a quieter atmosphere, the children will eat breakfast, play quieter activities e.g. card games, board games, puzzles, read, complete homework or assist in clearing breakfast away and then as a group leave for school, accompanied by a members of staff. Older children in years 5 & 6 are trusted to take themselves to school, we see this as encouraging self-confidence and prepration for senior school.

Children take turns to help serve breakfast and in this way are encouraged to develop independence skills and consideration for others. We encourage children to discuss, share knowledge and information whilst enjoying a meal together prior to starting school. We value the voice of the child.


Breakfast consists mainly of cereal, milk, toast with a variety of spreads including jam, honey, marmite, marmalade. Fresh fruit and at least once a week croisants, crumpets or other alternatives to toasted bread are available. Special diets are catered for including gluten, wheat and dairy free. The club is completely nut free and we have a strict policy of no nuts being consumed for at least 1 hour prior to entering the setting.

Continental breakfast is often available a choice of ham, salami and cheese.

Puzzles, card games

We offer a variable pricing structure depending on the age of your child. Fees start from £4.88 (Birchanger) and £5.03 (Summercroft)

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